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Built for outdoors, backpacking, and camping when you want to enjoy freshly brewed coffee, Muhlhaus Wanderer Roast is the only choice. For any outdoor enthusiast or weekend campers, a good cup of morning coffee is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. But, bringing along machines to brew your coffee is not an option, nor environmentally conscious. Muhlhaus Coffee is a unique, portable, socially conscious coffee solution for your camping shoppers. Muhlhaus Wanderer Blend coffee can be made without use of any machines. In just 1 minute, all you need is hot water to get a delicious cup of coffee. The packaging is resalable and has reusable pouch- perfect of travel, being on the go, and is environmentally friendly. Muhlhaus Coffee will donate 1% of sales to help keep the National Parks alive for years to come. So enjoy Muhlhaus coffee anywhere to taste gourmet coffee on the go to energize you for the challenges again.

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