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Are your workers back at the daily grind and need a caffeine boost to start their day? Muhlhaus Coffee all you need. Simply add hot water onto our pour over bag or Coffee sachet and enjoy. That’s it in under a minute. A caffeine boost at the office in just 1 minute. In order to boost worker productivity, many offices provide complimentary coffee to their employees. And your employees demand high-quality, great-tasting coffee to get their morning started. But, you also need to make sure your optimize costs. Muhlhaus Coffee is a unique, portable, socially conscious coffee solution for your office. No machines to maintain, just enjoyable premium artisan coffee for each of your employees. With just a cup and hot water, your employees can enjoy high-quality coffee that gets them revved up to make it a productive day. And, the unique packaging enables easy to use for all your employees at the office.