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Missing home? Enjoy a cup of refreshing Muhlhaus coffee for a taste of home. Hotels are an extension of your guests’ homes, and part of many guests’ morning ritual is the all-important cup of coffee. When your guests wake up, they need to feel relaxed and comfortable while enjoying their morning brew. Muhlhaus coffee can be made without the use of any machines. Simply add hot water onto our pour over bag or Coffee sachet and enjoy. That’s it in under a minute. Muhlhaus Coffee is a unique, portable, socially conscious coffee solution for your hotel. No machines to maintain, just enjoyable premium artisan coffee for each of your guests. The unique packaging enables easy to use for all your guests in the hotel room or the hotel store and coffee shop. So enjoy Muhlhaus coffee anywhere to taste gourmet coffee on the go to energize you from your home away from home to your next destination.