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Our coffee beans are ethically sourced from Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia. Our coffee producers are dedicating part of their social premium and harvest inputs to help us give back to their communities by offering clean water, improving infrastructure, and bringing health services to rural communities.

Both our coffee filters and outside packaging are 100% renewable, and compostable. Whether it is the compost at your house or outdoors, our products leave no trace.

Jonas is an avid coffee aficionado and entrepreneur. MÜHLHAUS COFFEE delivers the experience of portable artisan coffee with no frills, no special equipment, and best of all, sustainable to the environment we live in. I love the outdoors and adventure, so I thought it fitting to focus on creating four coffee flavors where inspiration comes from near and far. Discover and enjoy:

Turkish Kávé - Distinct and Bold

Wanderer Roast - Robust and Earthy

Vienna Mélange - Fruity and Mild

Kávé Decaf - Robust and Earthy